Monday, January 30, 2012

Contemporary Furniture Design by Hyungshin Hwang

Hyungshin Hwang is a Korean designer based in Seoul. 

I had the chance to meet Hyungshin Hwang at the Arts Bar in Gladstone Hotel in Toronto when he was displaying his light installations. These complex, organic structural lights are made using simple tools (displayed on the floor) and post consumption materials. The pieces are hand cut by the designer then installed together on sight 3 days prior to the show. 

As I flipped through the designer's portfolio, I was absolutely amazed by his creations. If I were to put it in an equation:

Creativity + Eco Friendly Concepts + Master Craftsmanship + Functionality = Furniture Design by Hyungshin Hwan

Cardboard Furniture Series: 

D-Construction Series:

To see more of Hyungshin Hwan's designs, visit 


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