Saturday, January 12, 2013

Eat, Play, Love

Submission Call Detail:

A Sensual Journey into AphrodisiArt

Curated by Moses Znaimer
In collaboration with Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts

Zoomers the world over have mastered the Sensual Arts of exploration & experimentation in the pleasures of food, drink and lovemaking, perfecting the potency of their aphrodisiacs and elevating their use to an art. ZoomerMedia and Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts invite artists of all disciplines to participate in this visual forum of Zoomer Gastronomie & Sensualité. So wet our appetite and send us your interpretation in the medium of your choice.

My Interpretation:

The Sculpture

The Female

The Male

The Parts

I didn't want to make a painting to illustrate the theme. So the challenge of this project was to find alternative ways to combine the three titles in the theme into one piece of art work. And I was interested in exploring the relationship and the tension between the mechanical and the sensual. How can a sensual act become a mechanical process? Or vice versa. In exploration of different mediums, the narrative of love making is constructed by kitchen tools that are often used to perform mechanical operations. Yet, the act of food preparation could be fun and playful, a sensual journey itself.
This was a call in October, 2012. The exhibition was cancelled but it was still an interesting project.

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