Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Studio Mechanics

The Process

I wake up, head to the studio, start working. 
I try to organize, to maximize my efficiency. 
I try to focus, on creating the painting, the physical object, the product.
"But the florescent light makes you go crazy." A studio mate comments.
It does, when exposed for an extended period of time.
I still try to focus, maximize the time I spend in the studio.

The Statement

"Studio Mechanics" comes from long hours spent in the studio. It is a drawing produced on illustrator to depict the cycle in the space. The product of the artist's creation is not important. The artist herself is not important. She is replaced by a printing machine. The task of creating is suspended by a mechanical process. It repeats itself. And when the lease is up, the artist moves out, and another artist moves in. But the process remains. 

Image and text by Susan Qu

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  1. My mind is blown looking at this picture. I cannot believe you took this from your thoughts to paper, this is visual intelligence!
    and oh baby i can show you the equation to solve this ;)