Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Traveling photos

 These are some of my favourite narrative photos I took while I was in Europe. I could turn them into paintings but they are already paintings in a way.

The Crêpe Maker Montmartre, Paris, 2010

The Portrait Artist Paris, 2010

Metro Station Paris, 2010

Ticket Controller Paris, 2010

Waiting for the Metro Paris, 2010

Waiting for the Metro II Paris, 2010

Street Musicians Paris 2010

Pigeon Friends Nice, 2011

Almost There Nice, 2011

Dilemma Nice, 2011 

Community Meeting Nice, 2011

Le Chat Paris, 2010

The Bracelet Maker Florence, 2011

Contemporary Art Florence, 2011 

The Statue Florence, 2011

The Parade I Paris, 2011

The Parade II Paris, 2011
The Parade III Paris 2011

Grocery Store Paris 2011

The Orient Product Store Paris 2011

The Meat Store Paris, 2011
Meat Store Stuff Paris, 2011

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